Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It's finally sunny and (somewhat) warm in San Francisco. Time for shorts:

  • Courtesy of Alan Bamberger over at, apparently the Government wants its WPA art back. I'm all for the idea of identifying and cataloging the results of what I think was one of the best federal programs ever (pay an artist a living wage? who'd have thunk it?!) But non-Federal repositories in possession of WPA art are being advised that it belongs to the Government. Alan makes a good point that although they're not aggressively tracking down these privately-held works, such a stance seems to jeopardize the effort of creating such a knowledge base on WPA works by penalizing the people who currently have them in their possession.
  • 5 questions to chart impact. Although this is geared toward organizations' progress towards a goal, I'm seriously considering using it for my life in general. Think about how useful it would be for something like a job interview.
  • 30 Second MBA is a video archive of advice from business professionals via Fast Company. Love the concept- kinda wish they'd expand it beyond the bounds of "business". 
  • Doris Duke Foundation's Ben Cameron on the power of the performing arts at a TED talk. Get past him calling Kirk Franklin a gangsta rap artist and listen to some interesting statistics, how culture is being democratized and the affect it has on arts institutions, and the power of the arts in our future world.